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Cashflow Management for Small Businesses

All business owners struggle at some point with budgeting; cashflow budgets and then later profit and loss budgets. It is normal for businesses to struggle with cash flow in the early stages of the business, and whenever there is growth or uncertainty in the business. Help is at hand, there are tools that can help with cash flow problems by preparing a cash flow budget.

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Welcome to the United Kingdom!

We would like to tell you that the sun is shining and the air is warm, but we are in Scotland and that only happens once a year – if you’re very lucky!

What we can tell you with certainty is that Anlo are now well established in the UK and are ready to help you and your business negotiate all the financial regulations that apply to companies operating here.

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Annja LoucaUK, SMEs
What Makes a Good Accountant?

Here’s an old joke, but it’s relevant…  A man stands in a field, watching a hot air balloon descend towards him.  The balloon halts three feet from the ground and the passenger in the balloon shouts down, “Hello!  Where am I”?

The man in field answers, “In a hot air balloon, three feet above a field”

To which the passenger replies, “You must be an accountant, because that information, while factually accurate, is of no bloody use to anyone!”

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Tax Directives - What Exactly Is It?

A tax directive can be quite handy if you as the individual tax payer is going to earn a huge bonus or commission payment from your employer or will receive a retirement fund pay-out. A tax directive is an instruction from SARS to allow an employer or fund manager to deduct a different tax % of PAYE or withholding tax.

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