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Provisional Tax Submissions – August 2019 for the Tax Year Ending February 2020

In August it is time again for the first provisional tax submissions for individuals registered for provisional tax along with all companies and entities.

We have received a lot of questions around provisional tax for individuals and if they should be registered for provisional tax.  What does this mean for individuals?

We thought it will be a great idea to remind everyone what provisional tax is and ask people to start sending their information to us.

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Annja LoucaSARS, Tax
Financial Emigration - All You Need To Know

This has been a hot topic and we have been preparing for these changes for a while, but let’s break it down to understand why this is now important and needs to be considered per individual.

If we go back to what the act says about residency, in South Africa we have a tax-residency based system. This means that South Africans are subject to tax on worldwide income. You are a SA resident if you are ordinarily resident (defined in common law) in South Africa during a year of assessment.

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Cashflow Management for Small Businesses

All business owners struggle at some point with budgeting; cashflow budgets and then later profit and loss budgets. It is normal for businesses to struggle with cash flow in the early stages of the business, and whenever there is growth or uncertainty in the business. Help is at hand, there are tools that can help with cash flow problems by preparing a cash flow budget.

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