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Business Consulting Services, Advice, and Financial Statements

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Consulting Services

Business Consulting

Small businesses that have been in operation for 3-5 years understand that certain processes need to be put in place to ensure business continuity and business risks are addressed to secure the future of the company and to help it grow further.

As auditors we understand financial processes and information flow; we can assist in business process analysis and implementation. Anlo also has a network of consultants who can assist with various aspects of business and business processes.

Performing an internal audit provides us with an assessment of the risks your company faces and what is necessary to ensure that your business processes runs smoothly.

A risk analysis is also performed to ensure that business risks are identified and addressed.

As a company we understand the importance of preparing budgets and we have written several articles on the different types of budgets and how these can work in your business. Budgets are also very important when preparing a business plan, another area Anlo can help you with.

In South Africa we use IFRS and we ensure we receive regular and up to date training on IFRS and reporting standards.

Financial Statements

Financial statements and management accounts are our specialty.

This is the end-product of how well your business has done and it can provide valuable information on how you can improve your business and where your business is likely to be going. On-line accounting software (Xero etc.), can provide you with the reporting and we can help you understand the implication of the figures.

As part of our retainer packages, we can include preparation of financial statements. If you only need financial statements, we can prepare these for you. We only require that we can rely on the accurate preparation of the accounting records if this was not done by our company. We can also provide additional support if required to ensure that the financial statements are accurate and presented in terms of IFRS.

Additional services that we can deliver as part of financial statements are:

  • Analytical review

  • Compilations

  • Review of the financial statements

Advisory Services

Business tax submissions should be submitted with financial statements and we do not provide company income tax submissions without accurate and complete financials. Refer to the Tax page for more detail.

We can help you reconcile your various tax submissions - it is always a good idea to make sure that all your submissions agree with one another! This includes VAT submissions, PAYE submissions, export and import submissions and CIPC annual duties.