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Tax Services & SARS Services Anlo Provides

Phone: 011 658 1324
Email: contactus@anlofin.com

Tax Services & SARS

Anlo are registered tax practitioners. We have years of expertise in-house and constantly update the skills of all our staff. In addition, we have an extensive network of specialists who can help where there are particularly unusual or gnarly situations requiring attention.

We provide:

  • All services relating to your personal income tax returns

  • Company and entity tax submissions

  • EMP201 submissions

  • EMP501 submissions and SARS reconciliations

  • Individual tax submissions

  • Monthly payroll tax submissions

  • Provisional tax submissions on a bi-annual basis

  • Registrations (VAT, PAYE, Income Tax etc.)

  • SARS submissions & registrations

  • VAT 201 submissions

Whether you just need help dealing with SARS or all tax submissions for your company completed, we can help! Contact us to find out how we can make your taxes go more smoothly, so that you aren’t the one to deal with it all.