What Is The Taxable Income Threshold For Individuals?

If you earn below the following amount of income per tax year (1 March 2016 to 28 Feb 2017) you will not have to pay tax.

Below 64 years =R75 000 per annum

65 years – 75 years =R116 150 per annum

75 years and over =R129 850 per annum


The reason this is tax-free is because if you take the rebate amount allowed and divide it by 18% (the lowest tax rate), the taxable income is as per the above.


Rebates available

Primary rebate (Below 64) =R13 500

Secondary Rebate (65 years – 75 years) =Primary rebate + R7407

Third rebate (75 years and over) =Primary rebate + Secondary rebate + R2466


This does not mean you don’t have to submit an income tax return.


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Annja Louca