What Documents Do You Need When Submitting Your Income Tax Return?

  IRP5’s from all your employers

-          IT3(a), IT3(b) and IT3(s) if applicable

-          Medical aid certificate

-          Medical expenses schedule for expenses paid by yourself that was not covered by the medical aid. You will need to provide proof in some instances that the expense was not paid by the medical aid, and that the tax payer paid for the expense

-          Completed disability form

-          Retirement annuity contribution certificate

-          Travel log if you received a travel allowance or re-imbursive travel

-          If foreign tax credits was withheld, you will need the supporting documents showing the details of the tax amounts and the amounts received

-          If you received drawings from a business, the financial statements showing the breakdown of the income received.

-          Donations certificate with the PBO number and the amount contributed

-          Capital gains or losses supporting documentation for the sale and base cost of the asset

-          Statement of asset and liabilities if you are a director of a business or received business income

-          A profit and loss schedule if you received rental income. You will need to provide proof of all expenses relating to this income i.e. bank statements, invoices

-          Any other documentation you think relates to your income tax return


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Annja Louca