Beautiful Accounting – Through Anlo and Xero

We have recently made a company decision to move retainer clients from desktop Pastel to a cloud-based accounting software like Xero and the principle reason for this is that it helps the client see what is going on in their accounts in real time.  It helps us deliver better service by focusing on reporting and having real time, up to date information to prepare calculations and returns.

You can find out more about our Retainer Packages. Have a look, and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.  We can create a bespoke package for you if none of the off-the shelf offerings quite fit your circumstances.

Guiding Your Accounts

Anlo are unique in that we don’t simply prepare and file your accounts - we offer advice, support and guidance when you need it. We keep you up to date with the change in regulations and rules that apply to you so you can concentrate on your job.  

We are also a Xero partner which means that we get discounts for our clients on Xero packages which we pass on to our clients but most importantly it gives us a direct connection with Xero and Xero support if required, quickly.

Xero Converting

This month Xero’s support really impressed us when we asked if there was a way to move our existing Pastel clients over to Xero and import all the history into Xero.  It turns out that their suggestion, CloudConvert, was exactly what we needed.

Not only did we manage to convert 2 years of accounting history from Pastel into Xero, but it was free of charge. The client can just continue as if nothing ever changed, except everything did and they can now access their accounts online and do invoicing from anywhere and across multiple devices.

This means it is even easier and quicker to move your accounting records and ensure you don’t have any downtime when converting; that was always the biggest concern for most companies who can sometimes view change as the Great Unknown!

So, don’t delay. If you are thinking of converting from your current accounting package to Xero, contact us and we will guide you through the whole process. 

We have done a small blog on why we love Xero.

Software Helps

The other thing that Xero assisted us with this month is an online cloud payroll system called SimplePay. It is exactly what it says, very simple! And it also does leave management and integrates with Xero which means you don’t need to do salary journals anymore, and salary reconciliations will be much easier to do.

The only thing that is probably a little steep, is the price, and that starts at R58 but the price per employee goes down as you get more employees. 

Online Payroll

Another payroll/HR program was suggested called Roubler but we have not personally looked into this program as it does all aspects of Human Resources from recruitment to monthly payroll. 

Xero Payroll is not currently active in South Africa yet and we are holding our breath for this to come out, because it works superbly well in the United Kingdom and we would love our clients to have all their business needs under one supplier.

The reason we enquired about the payroll systems is because we feel there is value in the payroll being online and it helps with our busy life’s and being mobile. It also integrates well with our online accounting package which means everything can be done on the cloud and on any device. We also feel it will be helpful for our staff to be able to request leave online and a better leave management tool to be used that integrates with the payroll system.

Free ReceiptBank

Another useful integration tool that we provide free of charge to all retainer clients is ReceiptBank and it is 3 months since we signed up and been using it. Lots of clients have started using it and we would like to encourage all retainer clients to ask us about it. It is a data extraction tool and it is most helpful to ensure all transactions in Xero has the supporting documents attached and its saves time to not have to type it all out.

So, in conclusion,

It has been most helpful to have a direct person to deal with at Xero for us as an accounting firm and to be able to ask the questions that is most relevant to the problem and not having to deal with an online support portal or researching until our eyes pop out.

It was also helpful to learn that there is a Xero Partner directory where you can compare products and see what best work for your business will.

We encourage everyone to ask us about ReceiptBank and how this can make their life easier through integration with Xero.

We have been so excited about the Beautiful accounting experience that we have been tickets to Xerocon to find out more and to bring the best possible accounting experience to our clients!

If you have any questions or would like to bounce off ideas regarding your business and accounting solutions, give us a shout and we will be glad to help.