My experience of working with Xero cloud-based accounting software compared to desktop-based systems

By: Anlo Team

When I started working at ANLO Financial Solutions in July this year I had heard about Xero, but I hadn’t had the opportunity to work with it. I found the whole layout of Xero to be very user friendly in comparison to desktop-based accounting software; it gives you the ability to access such a wide range of functions it just blew my mind! (The things accountants get excited about!) After receiving my training in Xero Accounting software, I successfully achieved my Xero Advisor certificate!

I had been given the task of moving a client’s bookkeeping system from desktop-based to Xero; at first, I feared that this might be difficult and very challenging, but with Xero it was totally the opposite - it was effortless. I had it all done and balanced in two hours. I hadn’t thought that something which is usually such a painstaking task could actually be this easy. 

Using Xero accounting software for the first time I didn’t know what to expect at all, but it was a revelation.  There was no need to stress about unnecessary transactions going through my client’s books when a mistake has been made (after all we’re all only human), because with Xero you have the option to “Edit”, “Undo and Redo” or “Remove” an incorrect or faulty transaction. 

In addition, you have further control over who can do what by only giving access to certain users to change or adjust transactions. Even after an invoice has been issued a client may change their mind and decide to send something back to their supplier, but even though the supplier invoice has been captured, it can be easily edited to reflect these changed circumstances.

This all makes the bookkeeping much neater, easier to read, more informative and more efficient. I never thought that this was possible, and Xero once again surprised me.   

The company’s bank feed on Xero is a live feed, meaning the bank information automatically gets pulled through - only the owner of the bank account can authorize this. This feature makes it very easy for the accountant to allocate payments and transactions without having physical bank statements and saves so much time. I love this feature!! 

Xero gives both the accountant and the client access to the books of the business from while on the road, you don’t even have to have your laptop with you.  You can easily access your accounting software on your mobile while travelling anywhere in the world – this makes it so much more efficient and saves time. How awesome is this?!

When my clients have a question on something and I do not have my laptop with me, or have access to a computer, it’s so much easier to be able to access the client’s account on Xero and give accurate answers.  This gives far greater peace of mind to both the accountant and client than even the best educated guess!

I know change is scary and being so used to desktop-based accounting software for years, I was quite sceptical about how Xero would work and benefit clients, but after only two months of working on it, I can confidently say that Xero is one AMAZING package that has so many benefits, saving so much time and making it so much easier for both the accountant and business owner to always be on the same level. 

I highly recommend any company or their accountants to make use of Xero accounting software! With what I’ve experienced, I firmly believe that Xero will take your business to the next level!!

Annja Louca