Anlo Financial Solutions is a financial services practice that provides auditing, accounting, taxation, secretarial, bookkeeping and accounting recruitment services, and consulting services within the Johannesburg area. The entity started in 2010 and has grown to be THE financial services practice in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg. The objective of the practice is to deliver the highest quality financial services to our clients and spend time with our clients so that they understand the value of how important it is to have clean and up to date financial statements and financial legal status. We also understand that as a business you need to use all the tools available out there and we LOVE to work with technology to give you the best solution possible.

Our staff members have a clear job description and take responsibility and ownership of that job description for their allocated clients. The firm’s values are to form a personal relationship with our clients and make time to explain things to them, adding value not only to their business but to Anlo Financial Solutions as well. We provide financial services to small and medium businesses through detailed analysis and understanding of what our clients need and require, ensuring that our clients get what they value. 



One stop financial services provider with a personal touch.


Providing innovative ideas and services to SME’s.


Anlo Financial Solutions exists to provide a comprehensive financial service that is ethical and of the highest standard possible.


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Our Executive Team


 Anlo has highly qualified and professional staff that strive to be ethical and deliver the highest quality service to our clients.



Annja is a shareholder and director. She is a Chartered Accountant (SA) registered with SAICA, CIA, SAIT and the ICAEW whose expertise lies in auditing (internal and external), accounting, company and personal taxation and consultancy.

She started Anlo in 2010 and understands what it means to run a business and grow a business. 



Esmerelda is a shareholder and director. She is a Chartered Accountant (SA) and registered with SIACA, SAIT and IRBA whose expertise lies in external auditing, accounting, general taxation and consultancy.