About Anlo Financial Solutions - Accountants in South Africa



Financial information is the bedrock of sound business planning, without it you are making uninformed decisions. Understanding your finances means greater business profit; we would like Anlo to be an integral part of that success.”
Annja Louca – Anlo founder.


Since Anlo was born we have had our hands full raising our baby. Like any child, Anlo has taught us much in the intervening years, and we haven’t stopped learning.

We know exactly what is involved in starting, growing and running a business. We also understand that you cannot always do everything on your own - that was true of Anlo; Annja brought her own strengths to the business but realised that no matter how enthusiastic, one person cannot do everything. 

When recruiting she met Esmerelda and realised that she was the missing piece Anlo needed, her skills complimented Annja’s and her approach to accountancy and her work ethic were what the business needed. She was pregnant when interviewed, but Annja was so certain that she was the right person for the role that she was willing to wait until Esi could join her.

The passing years haven’t changed that conviction and Anlo’s success is still rooted in partnership. Esi brings an attention to detail and feel for auditing that perfectly complements Annja’s business acumen and customer facing skills.

In this respect Anlo is like our clients, a combination of skills all working towards a common goal. As Anlo has expanded, at first within South Africa and then in 2016, into the UK, we have worked hand in hand, supporting each other through each challenge and set back but always with our attention fixed firmly on our goals.

We bring this experience to each and every one of our clients, from the most straightforward tax return to the most mind-bending book keeping exercise.  We have faced these problems ourselves, we understand the pressure that they can place on a business and we also know that we can help to relieve those pressures, to clarify what is obscure, to find the truth hidden in the numbers and to help you see the wood from the trees. Understanding our business helps us understand yours.

Our clients are our partners, if you need an accountant you can lean on, contact us.

Our Executive Team


 Anlo has highly qualified and professional staff that strive to deliver the highest quality service to our clients.



Being good in business and being a good leader doesn’t mean you need to be the best at it. It means doing the right thing for everyone including your staff. My mum loved being a manager and loved her staff.

I think I am like her. At least I hope I am, she is amazing.”

I became an accountant because my mom was an accountant for a big manufacturing company, and she ran that department like clockwork for 35 years. I worked at this company every holiday since I was 10 years old and did everything from receptionist to stock takes to debtors, creditors and event planning (Christmas parties). I learnt about work ethic from her. She never took a promotion to a FD because she loved her job, but she loved us and being a mom more. When I asked her recently if she has any regrets, she answered no.

I studied because of my dad. He believed a woman should be smart and he believed in me and now that I have kids, I understand how much he believed in me. My dad always said to me that you need to treat your clients like they are your dad or mom or family. Because they are someone’s mom, dad, family and I wouldn’t want someone to treat my family badly.

The best part about my job is that every single client is different and unique. It is very interesting to get to know the person behind the business or tax affair. It helps me understand the situation and get the best position for them.

We provide auditing, accounting, taxation, secretarial, bookkeeping and accounting recruitment services, and consulting services within the Johannesburg area. We also understand that as a business you need to use all the tools available out there and we love to work with technology to give you the best solution possible.

Our staff members have a clear job description and take responsibility and ownership of that job description for their allocated clients. The firm’s values are to form a personal relationship with our clients and make time to explain things to them, adding value not only to their business but to Anlo Financial Solutions as well. 



I run Anlo Financial Solutions here in South Africa. I am a Chartered Accountant, married with two gorgeous girls. From a very young age I enjoyed academic challenges and the relief after completing complicated assignments! It was probably my curious nature that drew me to financial riddles. I realised that this is where I belonged. Although I always studied hard, it was in my honours’ year that I realised that dedication and determination are as important as knowledge - without them I would not have been able to become a CA.


In 2009 when I started as a trainee accountant, I wanted to gain as much knowledge and experience as I could. I also had my first child while still studying and before qualifying as a CA. I soon realised that I needed to move to where my hard work would be rewarded, and my personal values would be shared as well.

Anlo currently has a staff of eight, and between us we manage in the region of 250 clients. I have to manage the work and wellbeing of our staff – numbers might be the bedrock of our business, but our people are vital.

We built Anlo’s reputation not just on the quality of our accountancy, but on providing a personal service; we don’t think you can do the job properly any other way.  Whether that is simply offering advice on the best packages to use and how to use them or handling all aspects of a client’s finances, people skills are essential.

Technology increasingly plays a key role in accountancy as our recent visit to AccountEx in London showed. We use and advise on many accountancy packages, however, technology alone cannot do what we do - without solid relationships our advice and expertise would count for less, and we would achieve less for our clients.

It is often said, within client-facing businesses, that everything would be so much easier if it wasn’t for customers, but that hides the obvious truth – without our clients we would have no reason to exist. Nurturing, maintaining and building those relationships is at the heart of our business and it is as important as anything else we do.

If you want accountants who are happy to speak to you more than once a year, then contact us.