Taxation & SARS Complianc and Submissions


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We are registered tax practitioners. We also have a network of specialists that we can use if a certain matter is very complex and “want to call a friend”.

Anlo provides the following services:

  • Individual tax submissions

  1. Income tax submissions for individuals

  2. Provisional tax submissions on a bi-annual basis

  3. All services relating to your personal income tax returns

  • Company and entity tax submissions

  1. Monthly payroll tax submissions i.e. EMP 201 submissions

  2. Value added tax (VAT) submissions to SARS

  3. Bi-annually payroll tax submissions on a bi-annual basis (EMP501 and IRP5's)

  4. Provisional tax submissions on a bi-annual basis

  5. Income tax submissions on a yearly basis

  6. VDP applications

  7. IT 14SD

  • Family and deceased estate tax submissions based on financial statements that we have prepared

  • Registrations and SARS dealings

  1. Income tax registrations

  2. PAYE registrations

  3. VAT Registration (we assist in the VAT registration process but SARS requires clients to go in themselves to streamline the process.)

  4. Import and export code registration

  • VAT 201 submissions

  • EMP201 submissions

  • EMP501 submissions and SARS reconciliations

  • Update of registered details at SARS