Internal & Consulting Services


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Small businesses that have been in business for 3-5 years, understand that certain processes need to be put in place to ensure business continuity and business risks are addressed to help the business grow.

As we are auditors and understand financial processes and information flow, we can assist in business process analysis and implementation. Anlo also has a network of people that can assist with various aspects of the business and processes.

An internal audit provides us with the assessment of the risks of the business and where and what can be implemented to ensure that your business processes runs smoothly.

A risk analysis is also performed to ensure that business risks are addressed.

As a company we understand the importance of preparing budgets and we have also done various publications on types of budgets and how this can work in your business. Budgets are also very important when preparing a business plan and we can assist you with your business growth.

In South Africa we use IFRS and we ensure we recieve regular and up to date training on IFRS and reporting standards.