A Few Things We Have Learnt From Objection Against Assessments, Penalties and Interest to SARS

  1. It is not a reasonable excuse to not submit your tax return because you have been on a working trip, sabbatical or holiday.

  2. If you are going to use the excuse of a family member in hospital or yourself being very ill, you need to be able to provide proof i.e. doctors note, doctors records or affidavit.

  3. If you get an additional assessment because of understatement of income, you need to be able to prove that you did not receive that additional income.

    1. Interest income - contact all your financial institutions (including your investments) and obtain proof showing that this is your only interest income. SARS can not disclose where your additional interest is and with which banks/finance houses.

    2. If it is because of additional IRP5’s, contact your employers to ascertain that they haven’t declared and additional income on your behalf.

  4. If SARS excludes deductible expenses then they probably did not get the information required to prove that the expense was incurred in the production of income.

    1. Travel claim not accepted - the travel log did not produce enough evidence that the travel claimed for was for business.

    2. Medical expenses not included - sometimes the additional expense included does not necessarily mean that that specific expense was not included in the medical aid certificate. Obtain the detailed medical aid breakdown showing all medical expenses not paid by the medical aid and ensure that the additional expense you would like to include does not appear on the schedule received from your medical aid.

There is lots of research material on the internet as the SARS notes themselves, but if  you are unsure about anything to do with income tax, seek professional advice.

If you would like us to assist you in submitting and reviewing your objection, do not hesitate to or 011 658 1324.

Annja Louca