Let Anlo Help You be Compliant With Submissions of Your Financial Statements to CIPC.

In terms of Section 30 of the Companies Act 71 of 2008, companies are required to prepare its financial statements within 6 months after the year end and file it with the CIPC.

In the recent cases, companies were fined 10% of their turnover for non-compliance.

“Companies whom CIPC engages on matters relating to non-compliance must strive to rectify conduct that goes against the spirit of the Companies Act, which is “high standards of corporate governance and high levels of transparency”. This judgments against non-compliant entities should raise awareness to all registered companies to adhere to the provisions of the Companies Act 71 of 2008.” - CIPC MEDIA RELEASE 2 of 2018

What do we need to prepare your financial statements accurately?

  1. Your accounting records including bank statements, invoices

  2. VAT submissions

  3. Payroll reports

  4. Agreements with external parties/statements from loans

  5. Fixed asset register/asset acquired invoices etc

  6. CIPC disclosure documents

  7. Prior year financial statements

  8. Any other information that is deemed necessary

Contact us if you would like your company to be compliance and not incur unnecessary penalties or 011 6581324

Annja Louca