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How we can help you focus on what’s important in your business?

Most small to medium businesses complain that what gets in the way of running their business is their obligation to comply with all sorts of legislation.  As a SME ourselves, we understand this only too well.  Here’s a small selection of greatest hits...

  • If you are registered for VAT, you need to keep accurate accounting records and submit your VAT return based on these records.

  • Once a year you need to pay your registration fee to ensure your company stay’s registered

  • Once a year you need to prepare financial reports or financial statements and calculate and submit your income tax return based on these reports.

  • You need to be very clear about what may and may not be deducted in certain circumstances.

  • You need to understand the differences between the tax deduction for depreciation or allowances.

  • There are provisions are not allowed for tax purposes but are allowed for accounting… These provisions need to be based on estimates that apply at year end.

  • The directors and shareholders also needs to submit their own income tax returns and ensure that they are aligned with the company submissions.

  • You need to understand the importance of drawings versus dividends and company structure when directors remuneration and shareholders investment income is calculated.

This is just a summary of what needs be taken into account when you start or run your own business, and sadly it’s not a comprehensive list by any means.

Why not get an accounting practice to be your business partner in all these decisions and compliance matters?

At Anlo we provide retainer packages tailored to your business needs and we pride ourselves that we provide an ethical and responsible service.

The initial consultation is free of charge and this will give us an opportunity to assess your needs and where you want to go with your business and how we can service your company.

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Annja Louca