A Day in the Life of...Irelene

A Day In The Life Of Irelene Hampton…

I love my job, I look forward to getting to the office to see what my day has in store for me.

 I have 2 types of days.

-          In the office

-          On site at a client

 In the office I have been introduced to drafting annual financial statements for our retainer clients. I enjoy the preparation that needs to be done which involves taking the Trial balance and interrogating the balance sheet section. This preparation takes time but ensures that our client receives accurate financial statements and we are in a better position to answer questions our clients may have.

It has been a challenge learning a new software program, but very rewarding when I manage to get the results I was expecting.

 I have a very different day when I am on site. This client is in the fashion design and accessories industry. They both import goods and manufacture clothing locally.

I do all their bookkeeping and my skills are constantly challenged. I need to reconcile the books for Head office where all the import and manufacturing transactions are recorded and reconcile the daily trading transactions for the 2 retail stores.

There is a consistent need to ensure good processes and procedures are followed in the stores with regards to stock management, till cash ups, client returns and all the reporting to head office.

At head office where I am based, all the reports are compiled into management reports and I assist with cash flow reporting. I enjoy reviewing the management accounts with management because it gives me the opportunity to answer questions and resolve any issues before the end of the financial year. It also ensures accurate management accounts on which management make operational decisions.

Annja Louca