A Day in the Life of…Nastassja

I usually get to the office bright and early, where a typical day will usually start off with making a cup of coffee. With a cup of coffee in hand I go through my mails and make a list of things that needs to be done, or checking off information that I have received from a client.

My day includes either preparing financial statements for clients, performing yearly audits or Independent Reviews for clients, and prepare all the relevant working papers and reconciliations that go along with this. My favourite part is when we can sign off on the financial statements.

I often assist around the office with any queries from my fellow colleagues.

I also do income tax submissions for companies, prepare documents required by SARS and submit documents for tax audits from SARS, and disputes where relevant.

I will on occasion also lend a hand with bookkeeping and process bank statements and invoices if necessary.

This is a typical day in my life at the office.

Annja Louca