A Day in the Life of...Ashleigh

A typical day starts off with scrolling through my emails and making a checklist of the things that need to be done for the day, 

On any given day in the office I spend my time preparing Tax documents for submission, making sure our clients are compliant with SARS and that their Taxes get submitted. 

I am often calling SARS to chase up refunds and follow up on audits and make sure our clients are best represented.

I also do monthly processing and work mostly on Xero for our clients and I do invoicing and bank statement processing in order to send out monthly management reports for our clients on a regular basis.

I am the “keeper” of the VAT list and I’m always following up with my colleagues on how far they are with their clients so that I can submit the VAT before the end of every month. My favourite part of the month is when the VAT list is complete, and I know my clients are happy!

I also do CIPC dealings, this includes submitting annual returns, registering new companies, updating company details such as addresses and even directors’ changes.

This is a typical day in my life at the office.



Annja Louca