Are You a Small Business and Just Want an Easy, Cheap Financial Solution Where You Are Still In Control?

If you are, then Anlo can help.

We use a variety of online accounting packages (Xero, Sage Online, Quickbooks Online etc) that use a special function in conjunction with your bank to automatically import the bank statement transactions to makes your life easier when allocating your transactions. No more lengthy processing time and up and down communications of where things must be allocated. We can do the allocations and you can check it, or the other way around. Whatever suits you!

You can log in anytime, anywhere and check the status of your accounts and pull reports and most importantly budget for your business and cash flow.

You can also send debtors invoices and statements immediately when you need to.

But where will ANLO come in?

-       Making sure it is allocated correctly (i.e. claim VAT)

-       Sending you necessary reports. Guide you in what reports are important

-       Doing VAT submissions

-       Doing your company payroll and submissions

-       We can give you analysis and comments about how your business is doing and what to look out for

-       Do financial statements preparations

-       Company and personal income tax submissions

-       Provisional tax submissions

-       Annual duty at CIPC submissions

-       And most importantly, we can do this from anywhere

So you as the client will have more control, more information and more client happiness as we like to call it. 

We can provide this on an ad-hoc basis or on a monthly retainer basis, again this is your choice and you are in control.

Give us a call for a free quotation on how to get the best solution for your business at or 0116581324

Annja Louca