Royal Bank Boost Conference- Edinburgh

On the 19th of January, our director Annja Louca attended the Royal Bank of Scotland’s Boost conference and heard all about the economic forecast for the UK and Scotland after Brexit.

Something that was mentioned continuously is how technology is shaping the future and how keeping up with these changes will put your business in the lead and save you money and most certainly make you money.

We see it every day with our clients at Anlo and we also try and use technology in our own business as much as possible.

One way is to use various accounting software packages i.e. Xero, Sage online, Free agent and many more. We also do loads of research on the add-on modules that plug into these programs. The most important thing to remember here is you want your accounting software to give you feedback and insights into what is happening and where you can make changes

If you are looking for an accounting firm that work with you that is us!

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Annja Louca