A Day In The Life Of Simone Petterson

First thing in the morning I check my emails and respond. I then start processing the bank statements and the petty cash of all my clients. If I don’t know where to allocate the transaction (sometimes on the bank statement the description for payments are not clear), I set up a list of queries for the client, so that they can tell me what the transaction was for. This is very important because it can affect the VAT allocations or the income statement/balance sheet.

After the processing is done I need to check if the transaction reconciles (balance) with the bank. I also send all my work to Annja or Esmerelda and when they have comments or follow up work, I ensure it gets done as soon as possible.

Between the hard work, you need a break from the figures and screen. Time for a cup of coffee.

I welcome clients with a friendly face when they come for meetings as I am the first person people see when they come to Anlo and I make some coffee if they choose to have. When the phone rings, I’m there to answer it and when clients need to be called back I do this too.

I’m still quite new to ANLO’s team and learning daily!

Annja Louca