A Day In The Life Of Jennifer Hayes

On any day… the day must start with a cup of our famous ANLO coffee… otherwise its going to be a bad day :)

 My days usually start by go thing through emails and my to-do list I have set out for myself to prep for the day.

I usually have two kinds of days, Tax Days and Bookkeeping Days.

 On my typical tax days, I make quite a few calls to SARS to follow up on cases, refunds not paid out, objections in progress and to also find out general information. I then compile the tax return which involves gather all the information received for the tax returns, making up the summaries and schedules of interest and medical expenses, preparing the return and most of the time I need to rescan the documents received as SARS only accepts documents of a certain format and size. I then check the tax calculation and compare everything to prior years to see that everything is in line. If there is suddenly a big difference I investigate why and include this information on the review pack which I send to Esmerelda and Annja to do the final review on the return.

My SARS days also include giving clients the good news of when SARS has completed their audit and refund will be paid shortly. That makes everyone here at the office happy to know we have happy clients.

Annja Louca