Exempt Micro Entitiy Letter

I am sure you are wondering what the requirements are for small businesses and BEE.

Small businesses that have a turnover of less than R10 000 000 only need to do this affidavit as below and have this signed by a commissioner of oath.

This is no longer a certificate issued by a professional institute and you don’t need to pay for this any longer

If your business turnover is higher than R10 000 000 then you will need to be accredited by a person registered with SANAS.

Please see here.


I, the undersigned,

Full name & Surname

Identity number

 Hereby declare under oath as follows:

1. The contents of this statement are to the best of my knowledge a true reflection of the facts.

2. I am a member / director / owner of the following enterprise and am duly authorised to act on its behalf:

Enterprise Name

Trading Name

Registration Number

Enterprise Address  

3. I hereby declare under oath that:

  • The enterprise is ______________% black owned;
  • The enterprise is ______________% black woman owned;
  • Based on the management accounts and other information available on the _______ financial year, the income did not exceed R10,000,000.00 (ten million rands);
  • Please confirm on the table below the B-BBEE level contributor, by ticking the applicable box.


100% black owned                - Level One (135% B-BBEE procurement recognition)

More than 51% black owned - Level Two (125% B-BBEE procurement recognition) 

Less than 51% black owned  - Level Four (100% B-BBEE procurement recognition)


4. The entity is an empowering supplier in terms of the dti Codes of Good Practice.

5. I know and understand the contents of this affidavit and I have no objection to take the prescribed oath and consider the oath binding on my conscience and on the owners of the enterprise which I represent in this matter.

6. The sworn affidavit will be valid for a period of 12 months from the date signed by commissioner.

Deponent Signature:


Commissioner of Oaths

Signature & stamp

Exempt Micro Entity Letter
Petar Soldo