Top 35, Under 35 CA's in SA

Top 35, Under 35 CA's in SA

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Annja is the founder of Anlo Financial Solutions.

Annja started Anlo Financial Solutions, an auditing/accounting practice, five years ago. Since then she has built the business to be an actual self-sustaining business employing eight staff members. With most of the clients being small to medium businesses trying to succeed, she believes she can relate to them.

‘One of my achievements is that I built the business from nothing to a business that can operate without me. I have built around myself a team of professionals that I can trust and share my company vision.’

Through her success, Annja was selected as one of the finalists for the Goldman Sachs GIBS 10 000 women entrepreneurial programme, a fully sponsored mentorship with 300 fellow South African business women.

‘It was an absolute eye-opener and I learned so much about women in South Africa and how difficult it is to be a mother and entrepreneur in this country.’

Her dreams: ‘I would like to do a master’s degree in SME development or a similar qualification. I would also like to branch out Anlo internationally.’

Annja is passionate about youth development and is involved with various non-profit organisations. Anlo started out doing Gauteng Opera’s year end audit pro bono to assist them, and she now sits on their board as the independent financial director.

‘Our vision is to produce operas that will appeal to a wide variety of audience members and develop young talent in the process.’

‘I absolutely cannot wait because I believe one should celebrate these milestones that I would never have been able to achieve without the dedicated support of a loving husband, family and friends.’

Petar Soldo